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From a small town in South Africa, I made my way to Toronto, Canada where I live with my husband, two kids and a sassy, little dog. I’m obsessed with dark chocolate, a great bottle of red wine, travel, and living a healthy lifestyle. 

My personal and professional life are in a really good place – but it didn’t start out this way. 

When I immigrated to Canada, I pursued a career in banking, which seemed like a natural progression following a finance degree at the University of Cape Town and a few years with a bank in London, UK. Despite having ‘success’ in the banking world, something didn’t feel right. I had a passion for people, but not for spreadsheets. I knew something had to change, yet I stayed in it for almost 10 years!

I'm Lauren Ritchie

 My mission is to help activate and accelerate your personal & professional performance.

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Keep going, it gets better

Change is not easy and sometimes we only experience it when it’s forced upon us.

Well, change was forced upon me...

When the global financial crisis hit, I was let go from my job. While this may have felt like a challenging situation, it was in fact a huge blessing in disguise. This was just the opening I needed to finally escape the corporate rat race – but what next?

When it came to my career, the first small step was taking on a few clients in the recruiting business. This organically evolved into career coaching, which is where the ‘aha’ moment hit me. I had finally found my path and became certified as a High Performance Coach.

I began to view my success in small steps along a journey, rather than a destination.

I decided to take some time off to become a mom and figure out the next phase of my career. With two kids at my feet, I was overwhelmed with feelings of uncertainty and self-doubt and was lacking confidence and clarity. Over time I figured out that I didn’t need to solve for my entire future path in one fell swoop.

Little did I know that my own journey full of struggles and crossroads was exactly what I needed to empower others to navigate theirs.

In order for me to show up as my best self and to 'walk the talk’, I’m continuously striving and working on my next level of performance. 

Progress has a cascading effect

(1) I’m always asking myself tough questions to gain clarity in my life on both the personal and professional side 

(2) I make working out a priority and can be found on the Peloton, treadmill, lifting weights or doing yoga

(3) I’m continuously stepping into courage, by pivoting and growing my business, but also by standing up for my beliefs and feelings, each and every single day 

(4) I love ‘to-do’ lists but remind myself daily to focus on being productive vs busy 

(5) I set a daily goal to be present with my husband and my  kids, Samantha and Ryan, because family matters most

For me this means:

The gift of this work is to equip you to live a more present, energetic and engaged life!

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