You're stagnant in your current role and unsure how to move up or out of the organization?

Your current career path has you feeling disengaged, uninspired, and unfulfilled?

You want to make a career transition but you lack the clarity and strategy to move forward?

You know in your heart that you’re a high-performer and that you’re ready to position yourself as a growing leader in your field, however, hiring managers don’t recognize your value and potential to succeed?

You're drowning in stress and overwhelm and find yourself operating with a negative mindset?

Develop better influence within your team, your organization or with your clients but you’re unsure how to position yourself to get there?

Find new ways to drive results, so that you can be recognized and rewarded through increased compensation and promotions? 

Feel less under-appreciated and underpaid for all your hard work and start feeling valued and heard?

Stop feeling defeated and insecure. Start feeling confident and in control?

Land the job and not just interviews?

Do you feel like...

Do you wish you could...

Lauren leverages the pillars of High Performance, science-backed tools, and her personal experience in navigating the corporate world and transitioning careers, to create customized solutions for her clients.

Clarity and direction on how to move forward with your career so that you can find meaning and purpose on a daily basis. 

A comprehensive job strategy so that you have detailed but manageable steps to follow to propel your search.

An understanding of how to leverage LinkedIn to ensure your job applications stand out.

Courage and intention to grow your network and develop influence around you so that you can be viewed in the light you deserve.

Increased confidence, productivity, and momentum so that you can focus on result driven activities and not get lost in google.

A game plan to ace your interviews so that you can land the job with confidence and ease.

Winning tactics to negotiate your salary or job offer to ensure you get paid what you’re worth.

A clear roadmap to move you up or out of your organization. 

How Would You Feel If You Had:

Are you ready to 5x your career?

How Would You Feel If You Had

What is The 5X Career?




We have developed a powerful methodology to provide you with a clear roadmap and accountability, so that you can pivot your career, land exponential promotions and salary increases.

The 5X career is career transformation at its highest level.

The 5X Career takes you through a 3 step process:

We’re not talking about small change. We’re talking about  




Lauren is an extremely articulate, genuine, and practical high performance coach. She blends the right mix of theory and realism to unlock her clients’ greatness. I received coaching from Lauren at a point in my career where I was very unclear on what my next steps should be, and felt that my performance and value proposition were both lacking. Over several months, she helped me gain the confidence and clarity to show up better in all areas of my life, and to not only create and identify new opportunities, but to confidently grab hold of them. I highly recommend Lauren to anyone who wants to discover the next version of themselves.

 - Michael Greenspan, senior engineering Manager

Lauren's career coaching sessions were immeasurably helpful and I'm so glad I took the steps to work with her. After 14 years in the same industry, I knew I needed a change but was overwhelmed by how to navigate the journey into finding the next right fit for me. Lauren provided me with mentorship and tools to help me figure out not only what kind of role I wanted to pursue but also the kind of company and culture that would bring ultimate job joy. Her guidance on fine tuning my resume, job application and interview skills provided me with confidence and enthusiasm to pursue my goals. I can't thank her enough!" 

– K. Opert, Marketing & Product Development Manager

Lauren is an amazing coach - professional, insightful, wise and a great listener. I am grateful for her career coaching service. I couldn't have asked for a better coach at a better time. She really helped me through an important juncture in my career by helping me gain clarity and providing practical advice that I could start incorporating into my daily practice right away. I'm also happy to report that I have been promoted and I am so thankful to Lauren, her roadmap and coaching services, which helped me to get there. I highly recommend Lauren to anybody who is ready to take the next steps in their career. 

- Angela Cho, Senior Strategic Business Advisor - Operations, BC Hydro 

What's Inside The 5x Career?

5X your career orientation
Strengthen your position
5X Action 

This is an 8-week group coaching program with weekly sessions, consisting of a teaching component followed by hot seat coaching.

During this program, we will cover 3 modules: 
Module 1: 5X your career orientation 
Module 2: Strengthen your position 
Module 3: 5X Action 

Each module is supported by an action-infused workbook. 


I went through Lauren’s 3-hour coaching intensive session. I was looking for feedback on my job search strategy, as well as new perspectives and tips as to how to gain more job interviews. After the coaching session, I felt more confident about my strategy, and also had new ideas to bring to my search going forward. 

It was high quality and time well invested. 

- George Ortiz, Credit Risk Manager

Before I started working with Lauren, I was lacking confidence, communication skills and also the steps required to land a new job. Lauren creates a safe space, knows how to approach the issues from various angles and gets to work right away. Coaching with Lauren has been a great investment and I would highly recommend her. 

– E. Tenenbaum, Operations Manager

You’re a professional, mid-career, looking to move up or out of your organization.

You're looking for a clear roadmap and accountability to help you get there. 

You're making money as a professional but know you are worth more.

You're ready to be challenged, get direct feedback, and network with a community of other corporate professionals. 

The 5x Career


This program is for you if:

You're looking to advance your career as an entrepreneur.

You're a recent graduate with little to no work experience.

You're looking for cookie-cutter tactics.

You're unwilling to invest the time and follow the strategies to 5X your career.

You're not ready to let go of your current situation. 

This program is not for you if:

I joined Lauren’s Group Coaching and my victories came in the form of clarity, alignment and a realistic plan with steps towards a new career, fulfilling passion and confidence to get on stage. Lauren was pivotal in breaking down the blocks that kept delaying my progress, as well as gave me the support I needed to feel productive and successful. Lauren takes the time to personalize all the content and guides you to bite size action items that make the student feel like they are gaining wisdom and having small yet impactful wins. I would highly recommend Lauren Ritchie.

- Magda Juliana Diaz, Wellbeing Coach 

Client Testimonials

I went through Group Coaching with Lauren. It really helped me to gain clarity and to overcome my fears. When it all came together, it felt like magic. I loved the program. Lauren, you are such an amazing coach! 

– Natalia Cuartas, Investment Associate

Client Testimonials

Lauren is the authority in empowering professionals with strategic pivots using her powerful methodology the 5X Career. 

I'm ready to reach my next level
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 Are you ready to 5x your Career? 

Are you ready to land exponential promotions & salary increases?

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